Singer’s Mask




An easy-breathing solution for singers to perform or rehearse in public. This handmade mask helps to contain droplets while allowing ample space to open your mouth wide and sing comfortably. Made of two layers of cotton, one layer of spunbond polypropylene 67-80gsm and a flannel nose bridge. Adjustable ear loops and a nose wire allow you to cinch the fit to your face. Extra boning helps to keep the material away from your mouth as you breathe.

  • Fabric is selected from remnant materials. The colour and pattern of your mask will be a fun surprise that also helps minimize waste!
  • Does not accommodate filters. Does not come with a carry bag.
  • Ships in 7-10 days (email to confirm delivery timeline for more than three masks).


Pull the pony beads to tighten the ear loops and gently pinch the nose wire. Try singing in your mask. A mask that fits you will feel comfortable, and will allow freedom of movement in your jaw. If you take a few deep rapid breaths the air should feel as though it is moving through the fabric and not coming out the top and sides of your mask. There should be no gaps around the edge of the mask.

The fabric should sit far enough away from your mouth and nose that it doesn’t get pulled into your mouth on the inhale.


Clean upon receipt and before every use.

Mask Washing Instructions: Machine* wash in hot water with detergent and hang to dry. Do not iron.
*The nose wire can bend or break in the wash. To remove the nose wire before washing, slide it through the buttonhole on the flannel nose bridge.

Mask Disinfecting Instructions: Boil the mask for ten minutes; hang to dry. Do not iron.

Disclaimer: These Singer’s Masks are non-medical and non-sterile. Users assume any risk related to their use. Upon receiving, wash before wearing. No returns accepted due to sanitary precautions.

Email designer, Ronya Lake, for special requests and information.

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