Invite us to sing to your guests – WE GUARANTEE RAVE REVIEWS!

You can book a handful or a hundred singers to create your musical moment.

Choose songs from our repertoire to fit your occasion – or, if time allows, we’ll collaborate on something new.

We've been centre-stage at:

  • Rifflandia (2014-18)
  • Islands Folk Festival
  • Campbell Bay Music Festival
  • VIATEC Awards
  • Beacon Hill Park
  • Butchart Gardens
  • Government House
  • All sorts of community events


Have your own choir experience


want an activity that includes your whole group?

Lucky for you, everyone can sing – with zero preparation!

During All Together Now, we welcome your group into the choral experience with fun vocal warm-up activities. In just a few hours you’ll learn and record a song together. Everything you need for making music is provided, you simply choose the song, a location, and bring your voices!

Making music with other people is beyond fun.

Sing with us and you will:
  • feel terrific! from the happy-feeling neurochemicals (endorphin, dopamine and serotonin) in your body;
  • find that your stress just melts away, which some researchers say helps bolster your immune system;
  • be stronger from holding notes that require you to take control over your breathing, posture and muscle tension;
  • have more friends! People who make music together can quickly forge close social bonds.