Marc began playing rock and roll guitar as a young boy in Edmonton, AB. Influenced by both rock and roll and classic country genres, his musical education grew during years of touring Canada in a working rock band.

When Victoria became home in 2004, Marc quickly established roots in the music community. He came to manage the team at Larsen Music, and it was during his 13-year career that The Choir YYJ was launched. In 2014, he took over direction and management of the group, began arranging their repertoire, and completed Community Choir Leadership Training in Victoria.

The popularity of The Choir inspired Marc to expand. He began a new drop-in choir singing experience, All Together Now, in 2016, and created a second ensemble, The Chorus, in 2017.

Marc still loves picking up his guitar, and most days you’ll find him creating music. He has produced and played pedal steel for Pharis and Jason Romero’s Juno award-winning album Sweet Old Religion (Best Traditional Folk Recording, 2018), and continues to arrange, write, produce, and perform on tour and in studio sessions.


ERIN GRAY, Accompanist

A life-long pianist, Erin brings remarkable talent to The Choirs YYJ.

As our Accompanist (since 2014), she contributes to the entire process of creating music for The Choir and The Chorus. Erin deftly navigates Marc’s arrangements and typically arranges her solo piano parts (incorporating a whole band’s parts) in their entirety.

Erin supports our singers throughout every rehearsal, co-creates and brings flair to our music, and wows audiences at our performances.

Erin has a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance from the University of Toronto and a diploma in Jazz Studies from Vancouver Island University.